1win Aviator Crash Game in Kenya

1win Aviator by Spribe is very popular among Kenyan players for many reasons. It offers a lot of positive emotions with uncomplicated but fair game mechanics, allowing you to choose between placing one or two bets, and primitive but attractive graphics that remind you about those 8-bit games visuals.

Join the gambling site now, play 1win Aviator online, and try to win up to x1,000,000 of your bet amount.

1win Aviator Game

What is the Aviator Game?

The 1win Aviator is an online casino game that was developed by Spribe in 2019. It is based on the Provably Fair mechanism, which takes the randomness to the next level as players’ seeds now participate in the outcome calculations along with the computer’s. Your primary objective is to cash out the bet in Kenyan shillings before the red plane leaves the game area.

Software ProviderSpribe
Minimum Bet10 KES
Maximum Bet10,000 KSh
Maximum Game’s Payoutx1,000,000
The Aviator Game In Kenya

How to Play Aviator in 1win?

Gamblers from Kenya should be at least 18 to be able to play the 1win Aviator game for real money. To run it for the first time, you should also have an account on the gambling site and deposit KSh. Here is a detailed guide on how to play your first round in 1win Aviator:

  1. step 1
    Visit The 1win Kenya

    Visit the website from your computer, or laptop, or launch the mobile app for Android or iOS.

  2. step 2
    Press The 1win Registration Button

    Create an account by clicking Register at the top-right part of the screen and providing all the required data (or picking the Social Media option).

  3. step 3
    Make A Deposit Of At Least 150 Ksh on 1Win

    Go to Deposit and top up your balance with at least 150 KSh.

  4. step 4
    Click Aviator In The 1Win Main Menu

    Return to the main menu and click Aviator – here is an inscription that consists of red letters.

  5. step 5
    Explore The 1Win Aviator Game Interface

    Watch the game process and get acquainted with all the controls, menus, and rules (you can read them right in the game).

  6. step 6
    Make Your First Bet At 1Win Aviator

    Place your first bet (or two), wait for the round to start, and try to be in time to cash out.

How to Play the Demo Mode in 1win?

The demo mode in 1win site is limited to the possibility of watching the gameplay. Therefore, you can observe the main game process, discover the interface, and watch how other Kenyan players bet. In order to do it, you should complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the official website and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the main menu and click Aviator there.
  3. Watch the gameplay and all that is inside the game.

Keep in mind that you can’t open any menu on the Aviator screen in the demo version. Also, if there are Kenyan shillings on your balance, the game will be opened in real-money mode anyway, but you can still simply watch and make no bets.

Aviator Demo Mode At 1win

How Does the Aviator Game Work?

The 1win Aviator game process is divided into two parts. The first can be called the betting phase: you need to define how much you are going to put at risk as well as whether you are going to use one or two bets.

The second phase starts automatically once the interval between the two gaming sessions ends. You will see a plane taking off and flying across the screen. Your main goal is to be on time and cash out before it leaves. The more you hold your bet, the more money you can win by the end of the round, but still you are able to lose in any second.

The Provably Fair mechanism ensures that the outcome of each round is truly random with no way to be predicted by anybody. The results are calculated by the combination of both players’ and server seeds that are hashed and produce a hash value. Gamblers from Kenya can check the fairness of the mechanism after each round within the game’s menu, which is located at the top-right part of the screen.

The 1win Aviator Game Process

Aviator Game Functions in 1win

The 1win Aviator casino game offers a lot of functions. A list of the additional options that make the game as attractive as it is include:

  • Auto bet. Pick a number of rounds and the bet size – the game will make these bets automatically;
  • Auto cashout. Choose a multiplier – when it is reached in a round, your bet or bets will be cashed out without your participation;
  • Detailed statistics. The left part of the game’s screen provides you with key data on the latest users’ bets and winnings. You can also see the total number of players that took part in the draw. There are also additional tabs with your own in-game statistics and top winnings made by players recently or even for the last year;
  • Settings. You can change some options to customize the game in the main menu, which is located at the top-right part of the screen. Here you can switch on or off audio and animations, check the provably fair mechanism operation as well, and take a look at the game limits;
  • Live chat. The button to activate it is located right next to the button to open settings. Live chat allows you to discuss the game with other Kenyan players, which adds a social aspect. Moreover, it is used by the software developer and the gambling site to distribute rain promo and free bets;
  • The line with multipliers. It can be found right above the screen with the plane and illustrates several previous multipliers
1win Aviator Game Functions

RTP of a Popular Game

The 1win betting Aviator RTP boasts a relatively high definition of 97%. Return to player means your possible payout as compared to 100% of the betting amount over time. In particular, if you play with 1,000 KSh, you can expect 970 KSh in return over time. However, you should keep in mind that winnings are not guaranteed in the game as it is based on the provably fair mechanism, which ensures that the results of each round are random. Moreover, RTP works for all players in total, not per every one of them.

Another important parameter of the game is volatility, which is medium when it comes to 1win Aviator.

The 1win Betting Aviator Rtp

General Tips

The 1win betting Aviator game is based on a random mechanism, which means that no one can predict the results of each particular session. Whatever experience you have, you can’t be 100% sure that you will win the next round. However, even with all this uncertainty, you can make the whole game process more interesting by following the recommendations below:

  • Bet small, go slow especially if you are new to 1win Aviator. After playing for a while, you can increase your bets. The progress will be slow, but you perhaps will not lose much money;
  • Set your daily limits. Gambling is entertainment first. Do not make it interfere with your life. Play for fun;
  • Use the double bet feature. The game allows you to place two bets instead of one. Use this opportunity to build your own money management strategies. For instance, put more money in your first bet and close it once both bets’ sums are covered and let the second bet grow your winnings;
  • Don’t rely too much on statistics. While you can watch previous multipliers as well as previous players’ wins, there is no guarantee that something of a kind will take place in the next session or the streak with high odds will continue in the future.
1win Aviator General Tips


Why 1win Aviator is Popular Among Gamblers?

The game offers non-trivial gameplay allowing players to decide when to cash out. Moreover, it is based on a fair and transparent Provably Fair mechanism that you can check at any moment.

How Much Can I Eventually Win in the 1win KE Aviator Crash Game?

The maximum bet amount here is 10,000 KSh, and the biggest coefficient is x1,000,000. Therefore, you can eventually win 10,000*1,000,000=10,000,000,000 KSh.

Are There In-Game Bonuses in Aviator?

Yes, there are. The game offers rain promo and free bets that you can catch from time to time in the live chat that is located right to the main 1win Aviator screen.

Is It Legal for Players from Kenya to Play the Game?

Yes, it is. Gambling activities are regulated by the Gambling Act of 1966, which permits any type of gambling, including online activities. Players from Kenya can play the 1win Aviator game without any limitations.