1win Lucky Jet Crash Game in Kenya

The 1win Lucky Jet game is the property of the eponymous gambling 1Win site. It is based on the provably fair mechanism and offers cute graphics and sounds, interesting mechanics, and huge prizes if you are lucky enough to hit a solid multiplier. Players from Kenya can launch the game from anywhere as the gambling site offers a well-optimized 1Win application for Android and iOS.

Play 1win Lucky Jet now and try to win up to x1,000,000 of the bet size.

1win Lucky Jet Game In Kenya

What is the Lucky Jet Game?

The 1win Lucky Jet casino game is uncomplicated. Your goal is to be in time to cash out until Lucky Joe – the main character – leaves the screen. He wears a rocket backpack, and after he starts, the multiplier begins to increase, and your potential winnings with it. After you cash out, your bet amount is multiplied by the odds that are relevant at the moment when you hit the button.

Software Provider1win
Minimum Bet30 KES
Maximum Bet20,500 KES
Maximum Possible Payoutx1,000,000
The Purpose Of 1win Lucky Jet

RTP of a Popular Game

The 1win LuckyJet online RTP is 97%, which is rather a high value as compared to many other games. The return-to-player percentage means how much you can potentially gain back over time from your bets. In this case, you can expect to win 97 KSh if you bet 100 KSh over time. However, you should keep in mind that winnings are not guaranteed. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to hit higher multipliers, your payouts may significantly exceed your bets.

Along with RTP, it is useful to look at volatility. This parameter demonstrates the distribution of winnings and their amounts over time. The crash game has medium volatility, which means that you can expect medium payouts, and the same is true for the frequency of winning rounds.

1win LuckyJet online RTP

How Does the Lucky Jet Game Work?

The game process starts with the betting round when you need to place a stake. The pause between rounds starts and ends automatically and you will see a special notification that you should wait for the next round and some spinning lines in the middle of the screen.

After this preparative stage is over, the main character appears. He starts at the left part of the screen and flies to the right one. At the same time, the multiplier increases. You should be in time to cash out before Lucky Joe flies away. The crash game is based on the Provably Fair mechanism, which is responsible for the results calculations. It takes seeds from both players and the server to create a hash value. You can check the fairness of each round in the 1win LuckyJet game menu that is located at the top-right corner of the screen. You can input your seed manually and check fairness. The game will employ your seed if you are among the first three gamers to make a bet.

Gameplay 1win Lucky Jet

How to Play Lucky Jet in 1win?

Kenyan players should be of legal age (18+) to be eligible for 1win betting Lucky Jet for real money. You should also have an active account on the website and money on your balance. To start playing the game, players from Kenya are to complete the following steps:

  1. step 1
    Visit The 1win Site

    Visit the gambling site from your desktop device or launch the iOS or Android mobile app.

  2. step 2
    Registration On The 1win Site

    Click Register at the top-right part of the page and provide all the required data (or sign up with your active social media account).

  3. step 3
    Press The Deposit Button on 1Win

    Top up your balance with Kenyan shillings.

  4. step 4
    Click Lucky Jet In The Main Menu 1win

    Go back to the main screen of the casino site and click Lucky Jet in the main menu.

  5. step 5
    Check Out The Game 1Win Lucky Jet

    Watch the gameplay and familiarize yourself with the interface, as well as discover the rules of the game.

  6. step 6
    Place A Bet In 1Win Lucky Jet

    Place a bet and click the Bet button, wait for the main round to start, and try your luck.

Lucky Jet Game Functions in 1win?

The LuckyJet game has a lot of functions that you can try when gambling. Apart from placing bets and clicking the button to cash out, you will have the following options:

  • Auto Bet. You can find this feature in the betting part of the screen. By setting it, you can define how many rounds you are going to play as well as how much money to put in each. Moreover, there are some additional conditions, allowing you to interrupt playing if the balance decreases or increases by a certain sum, or a certain multiplier is hit;
  • Auto Withdrawal. With this feature, you can set a certain multiplier that triggers withdrawal if hit;
  • Statistics. You can watch how other players perform in the game, as well as check your own results at the left part of the screen. Moreover, here you can see top wins and even sort them by day, month, or year;
  • Odds Bar. It is located right above the game screen and shows several latest multipliers;
  • Game Menu. By moving the cursor to the top of the screen, Kenyan players can switch on/off sounds and animation, check the provably fair mechanism, watch games’ limits, read the rules, and check the betting history;
  • Live chat. The Lucky Jet online casino game offers you the opportunity to exchange your opinions with other gamblers from Kenya. Live chat can be found right on the main screen. If it is disabled, you can enable this feature by clicking an icon next to the game settings.
Functions 1win Lucky Jet Game In Kenya

How to Play Demo Mode in 1win KE?

The 1win Lucky Jet online allows you to watch the gameplay as well as explore the interface. You can read the rules and even watch the provably fair mechanism operation in the demo version. However, players from Kenya can’t play the game for free. To launch the demo mode, you should do the following:

  1. Log in to your casino account.
  2. Go to the main menu and click Lucky Jet there.
  3. Observe the game process and discover the rules and other features of the game.

After you are ready to play for KSh, tap on the Deposit tab at the top to invest money.

Demo Mode In 1win Lucky Jet

General Tips

The 1win betting Lucky Jet game is based on randomness, which means there is no way to predict the outcome of each round. Whatever strategies you apply, you can’t be right about the odds of the next round. However, some suggestions may make your gaming process more interesting and outstanding:

  • Set the amount you are going to bet with and do not make it bigger after several rounds. This will allow you to know in advance how much you are going to put at risk over time and find out how many gaming sessions you can play with your deposited money;
  • Employ the double-bet feature. You can build some strategies and make changes to them with two bets;
  • Stick to the winning streak. If you won a couple of times, keep playing until the first loss;
  • Watch statistics. The 1win Lucky Jet online casino game offers various sets of data, allowing you to see top winnings and the latest winners as well as keep an eye on previous multipliers. However, you should never forget that whatever statistics you use, there is no way to guarantee that you are going to win the next round.
Tips 1win Lucky Jet


What Are the Main Advantages of Playing 1win Lucky Jet?

Players from Kenya will benefit from the possibility to place two bets, set up auto betting and auto withdrawals, watch statistics, and even discuss the game with each other in a special live chat.

What Is the Maximum Amount I Can Win in the Game?

The 1win Lucky Jet’s maximum payout is x1,000,000. Therefore, by betting 20,500 KES, you can eventually win up to 20,500,000,000 KSh.

Is There Any Strategy to Win in 1win KE Lucky Jet?

No, there are no strategies that will allow you to make winnings in the game. It is based on the Provably Fair mechanism that provides pure randomness to all the results.