Responsible Gaming in 1win Kenya

1win KE operates a legal business and promotes a responsible and honest attitude towards gaming. The company makes every effort to inform users on the subject.

Users from Kenya should realize that playing here in 1win is first and foremost their area of responsibility. You should not use gaming as a method of making money and solving financial difficulties, it is just entertainment and a way to spend your free time in a pleasant way.

Most Kenyan players realize that gaming is not about earning money and come to 1win for positive emotions, communication with like-minded people, and a good time. But still, there is a small percentage of people who succumb to the addictive game and can not control it. Thanks to the information on this page, you can learn about the rules of responsible gaming, as well as check yourself for addiction.

1win Responsible Gaming In Kenya

Basic rules to always keep in mind

The rules and recommendations described on this page were developed by professional psychologists in the field of online gaming. Follow them, and you will be able to protect yourself from rash actions, control your game, significantly reduce the risk of gaming addiction, and perhaps even avoid it altogether:

  • Do not try to turn online gaming into an opportunity to earn money and solve any financial difficulties. Play for fun and enjoyment;
  • Do not put gaming above your main activities. Treat it as a hobby. Always make time for family, friends, and loved ones, for your health, for work, etc. Do not neglect this in favor of gambling or betting;
  • You should realize that gaming is not only about winning but also about possible losses because everything here is based on probability and luck. To control the sum of Kenyan shillings you spend on the game when making a bet, you must calculate not only your winnings but also the amount of loss. Choose the size of your bet only on this basis. In addition, always set personal limits of money that you are ready and can afford to spend on online games and bets, and do not exceed them;
  • If you fail, don’t try to win back right away. Emotions may let you down and lead you to rash actions. It is better to leave the game for a while and come back later;
  • Avoid gaming with other people’s money or borrowed KSh, as this can put you into more debt if you fail;
  • Control the time you spend playing. Set time limits for yourself;
  • Never play when you are in a bad mood or under the influence of alcohol.
Rules For 1win Players

Gaming addiction prevention

In addition to the rules and guidelines, you can also use a quiz of 10 simple questions to assess your engagement with gaming. Answer them as honestly as possible to see if you have a gaming addiction:

  • Do you often sit down to a game and don’t notice the time flying by?
  • Do you notice that you are spending more money on gaming than you can afford based on your budget?
  • Have you ever played with borrowed money?
  • Have you ever lost more than usual by playing with other people’s money?
  • Do you think gambling is a good way to make money?
  • Have you ever had difficulties at work because of online gaming?
  • Do you hide the fact of your gaming addiction from your family and friends?
  • Have you started to pay less attention to your family in favor of gaming?
  • Do you feel the urge to start gaming as soon as possible after you have lost all the money allocated for this?
  • Do you experience negative emotions while gaming: irritation, aggression, sadness, or frustration?

After completing the quiz, count the number of positive answers. If you answered “Yes” to more than 3 questions, then you should think about your approach to gaming. Below are the contacts of organizations where you can seek advice.

Gambling Addiction Prevention In 1Win Kenya

Help organizations

Should you find yourself struggling with an addiction to gaming, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from one of the following professional organizations:

  • Gambling Therapy (;
  • GamCare (;
  • Gamblers Anonymous (

Here you will receive assistance in a manner that is completely private from competent professionals who will discuss with you regarding your addiction.

Gambling Addiction Help Organizations In 1Win Kenya